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Remote Learning Wellbeing Support

We are aware of the potential negative impact coronavirus and lockdown measures may have on our children and families, and believe it is our purpose to support and dedicate time to well-being. 

Each day, children will receive a "well-being welcome" from their own class teacher, maintaining a "sense of belonging" for children, as well as progressive, focused knowledge teaching of the Valley Park "Mentally Healthy" curriculum. 

Additional support for both parents and children are shared throughout the whole community through daily assemblies focused on the following themes:

  • Welcome to the Week
  • Equalities and the Protected Characteristics
  • Personal Development and the Growth Mindset
  • Well-being and how to regulate 
  • Champion Learners 

Daily fitness tasks and challenges have also been placed upon our remote learning platform to support variation from screen time, and engage in learning in other ways which can be supported by the wider family and community.

The Valley Park food bank is also available to all families at school (no questions asked), should you need any additional supplies throughout national lockdown.

What should I do if I feel like I'm not coping under national lockdown measures? 

Immediate support can be through our fantastic team here at Valley Park, who can speak to you, listen and make further suggestions if needed.

Mrs Herring, Senior Learning Mentor 

Ms Stacey, Learning Mentor and DDSL

If you wish to speak to one of these staff members, please contact the school office.

You can also message one of the Senior Leadership Team direct via ClassDojo.