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Consultation Resources

We are now in the formal consultation period for our proposed name change from Valley Park to Woodlands Primary School.

Stakeholders have been contacted directly and invited to view the information below.

We will be holding a consultation open morning in school on Wednesday 22nd Sept 9am-11am




Consultation: 20/9/21-1/10/21
Post consultation anaylsis & comms: 4/10/21-6/10/21
Branding & Uniform Policies: 6/10/21-15/10/21
PR & Comms: 9/9/21-5/1/21
IT, Finance, Online, Admin changes: 1/11/21-11/2/22
Signage changes: 6/12/21-11/2/22
Grand opening event: 5/1/22

Note: these dates may be subject to change